Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Fancy First Posting

My first post!  Fancy that.  This week I'll be taking stock of some vintage finds from my favorite antique stores in Lafayette, as I try to re-envision a more cohesive overall look to our space.

I found this mid-century floor lamp at First Class Clutter on Main Street.  The lamp is in pretty fab condition, and I love how the honey-colored wood and brass make this piece a lot warmer than other more industrial tri-cone lamps from that era.  I paired the lamp with a cute sewing chair with a similar wood stain.  The seat cover has a pretty, subtle design which adds some nice texture to the vignette.

The color of the stain in the lamp and chair are pretty matchy-matchy in a good way, I think, and it's convenient to have a chair right by the front door.  You know, for the days when your shoes are more involved than your average slip-ons.  The chair actually does double duty as storage for wintry items

and a lounge area for our cat Squish.



  1. Squish can see into your actual soul.

  2. No kidding! He takes his posing very, very seriously.