Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha

There's just something about the holidays that makes me want to get all domestic-like.  I don't actually become domestic, mind you, but I think about it a lot.  I peruse Martha's website and fantasize about having the time and, more importantly, the inclination to recreate my own home out of gingerbread.  

Yeah, that's actually not true.  But I do relish the idea of slowing down my life, taking the time to enjoy the process of creating or accomplishing something.  Goodness knows that as a graduate student in English I don't often get the chance to see tangible results.

Which is why I'm particularly drawn to these beauties, fresh off the Lafayette Craigslist:

Ok, call me crazy but I think I would actually get laundry done on some kind of schedule if I had to wring it through this vintage number.  When you're forced to pass each piece individually through a wringer, doing laundry becomes a day-long event. In my fantasy (you know, the one where I've partnered with Dorothy Draper to redo my Parisian apartment), laundering the old-fashioned way seems like it would be a meditative -- dare I say calming? -- daily ritual.  In reality, I'll bet it was a bear.

And how cool is this vintage butter churn?

There appears to be a block of cheese inside, which is baffling as I'm fairly certain butter is not made from cheese.  I did, however, believe Stefan when he informed me that limes were just unripe lemons.  I was on board until he claimed that kiwis were moldy lemons.  In my defense, he said it very convincingly.



  1. It's true. Lemons are unripe limes. Not true about kiwis. Kiwis are actually moldy limes--not moldy lemons. And, I'm back to "anonymous" it seems.

  2. I think I know how to fix that: before you click the "post comment button," click on the "Comment as" drop down box and choose Google. It will ask you to log in, and this info is the same as when you log into your own blog. Hope this helps!

  3. I totally fantasize about being Martha this time of year.

    I love your header!! So pretty :-)

  4. Thanks, Anna! It's actually a close-up of my wedding dress.