Monday, December 21, 2009

Tea for Two, Gifts for Three

For about two years, I've been involved with the Big Brother/Big Sister program, and my relationship with my Little Sister (who, for her privacy, I'll call L.S.) has altered my life in very significant ways.  Thanks to L.S., I've had to be more accountable for my words and my actions.  I work hard to be a safe, stable constant in her life. Perhaps it should not be such hard work, but I've been known to be somewhat of a flake.

L.S. and I have a tradition (two years running now) where I come up with a craft of some kind that we can do together.  The results of this craft (last year it was homemade bath scrubs courtesy of Martha Stewart) are what L.S. gives to her family for Christmas.  This year, we were feeling artsy, so we concocted "name frames":

These name frames are based on a project I did several years back, and it's super easy and a lot of fun.  The background is constructed using strips of tissue paper (in various colors) which are affixed to a paper backing with glue.  Then, we went crazy with glitter to add some texture (and sparkle, clearly).  I wrote out the names using the font from a homemade card I received from a friend on my 16th birthday (thanks, Natalie!).

The "Mommy" frame is my favorite -- L.S. came up with the idea of spraypainting the frame with both the gold and aqua.  She's a Fancy in training, for sure.

And what could be more fancy than 4 o'clock tea? 

We enjoyed hot Christmas-flavored tea with a pear-macaroon tart I'd whipped up last night.

Warms the cockles, no?  Hope you're staying warm on this chilly evening.


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  1. The pear tart is amazing! You two are very creative "sisters".