Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fancy-ware on the Cheap

There's nothing like losing one's job to make one rethink past purchases.  Over the years here in Lafayette, I've made my fair share of irresponsible purchases.  Bacon-of-the-Month Club, anyone?  But there are a few items -- mostly antiques from Main Street -- that I'll cherish forever (and which were a super bargain to boot).  So, in the midst of recovering from Stefan's unfortunate news this week, I've decided to make the best of it (inspired by this post) and look on the bright side.

Ahh...don't you feel better already?  There's truly nothing that makes me feel fancier than entertaining with pink depression glass and milk glass.  Both are still incredibly easy to find and very affordable.  In fact, a dear friend once found a slew of milk glass at Goodwill (serving pieces, vases, everything), and it has been my go-to source ever since.  My personal favorite is the hobnail variety, which strikes me as very Alice in Wonderland.

I swoon for pink depression glass, too.  There's just something so sweet and dainty about its pale pink tint.

You could serve something totally simple and easy to whip up (like quiche for example, as I did last week), and it becomes uber fancy on these plates.  Although, let's be honest, quiche can rock out pretty well on its own.



  1. Love it! Grandmother's chair in the background sets off the pink depression glass nicely. I never thought of mixing it with milk glass but it works. Now I've got to go because I'm late! I'm late! Where's the darn hole?!