Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a list of things to remember in case it happens to be groundhog day

sometimes my photos are relevant to my post. sometimes they're just shots that i like from past vacations. guess which one this is.

Things to Remember about Today:

1. Processed white sugar makes you anxious and jittery. And restless. And you won't be able to sleep. This makes you cranky and generally unpleasant to be around.
2. You can be in the same room with cookies that taste gross and not eat them. 
3. When Stefan throws the cookies out, you don't need to take them out of the trash, and okay, yes, it's better that they're still in the package, but dude, they are in the trash. It's okay that you're feeling anxious about something totally vague and nebulous and that you feel the need to escape. Just sit still, right there on the bed. Breathe and sit with the feelings. 
4. You're safe. Say this a bunch of times so you don't forget.
5. You're going to feel disgusted with yourself for eating gross cookies out of the trash. Let it go. You've done more disgusting things, and you're going to do more of them. And there might not be plastic packaging to protect you from the grossness.
6. You're going to make a pretty rockin dinner tonight, so make sure to feel proud of your deconstructed lasagna. Whole-wheat lasagna noodles, layered with a dill and tarragon-infused stir-fry of carrots and zucchini and topped off with a sauce that sort of resembles the texture of ricotta but is actually yogurt, lemon zest, lemon juice, and pine nuts all blended together. Kinda weird but shockingly tasty.
7. It's okay that the most exciting thing that happened today was concocting a deconstructed lasagna.


  1. A) That lasagna sounds brilliant.

    B) Nice picture.

    C) Steve dug bananas out of the trash yesterday. He changed his mind about whether they were too far gone to eat. He pointed out that if we froze them we could probably use them in smoothies, and then he put them on the counter, and then thirty minutes later I decided to put them in the freezer. We will see what becomes of them.

  2. Thanks, K. I hope to make the lasagna for you sometime soon. As for the bananas, I have high hopes. I'm trying to avoid really cold drinks, etc. for the time being, so for my sake, please blend the frozen bananas and savor the frozen yogurty-like goodness that results. I saw this a while ago and have been meaning to try it ever since:

  3. Dinner invitation please! That lasagna sounds delicious and a surprise for the taste buds for the unsuspecting! I just planted tarragon in the container herb garden.

  4. I loved this list. It's thoughtful and hopeful and I think having that mindset is really sustainable. The lasagna? So creative and sounds yum. I find that cooking thoughtful dinners really is motivating and inspiring.