Thursday, June 03, 2010

a course in miracles

I've been thinking lately (productively this time!) of blogging about my journey through A Course in Miracles, in a sort of Julie/Julia Project kind of way. I'm not hoping for a movie option (I'm saving those prayers for my as-yet-unwritten masterpiece of historical non-fiction -- more on that later). No, I'm actually just hoping that I'll stick to the workbook more diligently if I have a designated space in which to explore and share what I'm learning. Lesson One coming soon.


  1. Ah,you can NEVER fail with a course on miracles. Some of the exercises in there brought tears to my eyes with their pure beauty.

    Just the reading of the homework alone can change you, even if you don't carry through with the actual work.

    Our nation would be so different if more people knew about this, don't you agree?

    It'll be inspiring and renewing to compare notes with you.

  2. So funny to see these comments from you this morning; I found your blog yesterday through my mother-in-law's blog (which is, I'm assuming, how you found me!)

    I do wish more people knew about ACIM, and I especially wish that it could be seen as complementary to, and not opposed to, the very best parts of the world's major religions. I haven't read the whole thing (ok, I haven't read much at all yet), but the words are such a comfort to me.

    So looking forward to your future insights!

  3. I'm now intrigued about ACIM. " Complementary to, and not opposed to, the very best parts of the world's major religions?" Sounds along the lines of Unitarian Universalism.


  4. Oh, yes, absolutely. In fact, there are many UU churches who hold book/discussion groups to work through ACIM together.