Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Baby, Wontcha Trim My Tree?

Not a fan of the tree trimming. I want to love it; I really do. As a young'un, I would hang my ornaments and then be all "Mom, I don't feel good" and make my way to the couch, while the rest of the family finished the trimming. In later years, my family knew what was coming, so I skipped the whole charade and offered nary an excuse. I loved everything about getting ready for Christmas, except hovering for hours around that stupid tree.

Fast forward several years, and here I am with my own tree, and a pink one at that.

I was totally ready to love trimming this tree. Radio set to the Holiday station? Check.  Frasier fir candle burning? Check. Cats in curious attendance? Check. I tree-trimmed with verve, with vim even! 

And then, around ornament #30, I hit the wall.  

Alas, Pinkie looks a little sparse tonight.  I will try to dream sweet tree-trimming dreams and finish tomorrow.  

Next week, I'll be posting about two current obsessions: vintage refrigerator dishes and icebox cakes. Chilly and delicious!



  1. Oh Fancy, I shouldn't tell you this but....your wonderful, handsome, generous, loving, yada, yada, yada new husband is not much on decorating either. May I suggest in future years that you just hire a decorator? Or, perhaps you could work with a therapist who specializes in working with those who don't like working with decorations? Alas I'm fairly certain it is an inherited trait so don't count on future offspring to pick up the slack. For now, I suggest (oh no, here I go with the MIL "suggestions") that you keep a basket of ornaments near "pinkie" and each time either of you pass by, put on an ornament or two. I would also suggest you start this in early October.....! In the bye and bye, "she's" looking good.

  2. Hmmm, not only can I not "comment" under my blog (tried your suggestion), I can't make a correction. So, please change the last line to read: "In the by and by....."