Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I love you, Eddie Ross, oh yes I do.

Last week I dropped off two large garbage bags full of donations to Goodwill, with a silent promise to myself that I would continue my mission to de-clutter my life and only keep beautiful things, storied things, things I cherish.
But then yesterday I took an invigorating walk (hike?  It's a hike if there's an incline, right) with Karen, and we headed to Goodwill, with images of sparkling bargains dancing in our head. Whenever I shop at Goodwill, I don my imaginary bowtie and scour the shelves like the good little Eddie Ross-ite that I am.  The shelves were picked pretty clean, sadly, but I came away with a few goodies.

Take this cake pedestal, for example.  I love its clean lines and swear I saw the same pedestal at Crate and Barrel a few years back.  Super high-quality (this baby is heavy), not a scratch or ding on it, and a mere $5.  Eddie Ross approved, I'm certain of it.  And I think he would also appreciate these smoky martini glasses from the '70s for $1 a piece.  

I have a set of water glasses of the same sexy, smoky gray.  I need to host a swanky soiree with my most suave friends, and we will sip seductively while nibbling savory bits of .... salami?  Why was that the first "s" food that came to mind?  Probably because I've just been watching the episode of the Donna Reed Show where Mr. Wilgus gets his wife a bologna slicer for their anniversary gift.  Ah, marriage in the '50s.
Don't fear, dear reader, that I had forgotten my primary objective: finding trimmings for old Pinkie.  I didn't find anything suitable for a garland, but I did come home with these:

They don't look like much, I'll grant you.  But do not let the beat-up packaging turn you off.  Beat-up packaging = low, low cost.  Only $5 for the whole lot!

I fell hard for these smallish silver ornaments, which, to my eye, looked so retro.  My favorites are the Santa (top left) and the bows.  These miniature lovelies will complement these:

I told Stefan this morning that the blue ornaments were my attempt to add a little masculinity to our pink tree.  I don't think he was convinced.
Perhaps my most exciting find is also the least functional, at least until we purchase a home where I can decorate around these:

Gold brocade curtains, people.  They're from the '60s or earlier and appear to have never been used, or touched, even.  They are immaculate and they are gaudy as anything.  I love them passionately.  They remind me of my aunt Denise, a 90-year-old firecracker of a lady who only last year stopped dyeing her hair jet black.  Her style and decor have been described by the kinder family members as "different," but she is my personal hero.  She sleeps in a circular bed with a lipstick-red comforter.  Her bathroom is papered in black velvet brocade (with silver sparkles...clearly).  She owns and, I've heard, uses a bidet. 

Does life get fancier?

With any luck, I'll have the chance to visit her over Christmas and take some shots of her magnificent boudoir of a home.



  1. Will you be inviting your suave MIL to your swanky soiree? If you do, I'll bring a sorrel souffle in a silver bowl, sugar cookies in a snowman tin, sugar plums on a sweet salver and a swallow in a sweet gum tree. Whew!

  2. P.S. Too bad you didn't find those drapes a year ago Scarlett. You could have turned them into your wedding dress!!